Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Going freelance!

Although working for one of the best employer in Canada, despite the outstanding working environment and great projects (and the budget to do them), a good introspection led me to the conclusion I should go freelance.


Then the first question is "what do I want to do?"
  1. Web analytics services: work with clients to asses their needs for web analytics and help them achieve better results online. This might include introducing the concepts of web analytics, bringing the web analytics culture within the organization, coaching, planning, implementation, analysis, training, etc.
  2. WASP: now that a "proof of concept" works, I want to extend the features of the Web Analytics Solution Profiler to levels that have never been achieved before!
  3. Teaching and speaking: Speaking at eMetrics and now tutoring for the UBC Award of Achievement in Web Analytics and the UBC Certificate in Business Systems Analysis are activities I really enjoy and I look forward for other opportunities.
  4. Higher education: complete my MBA and eventually pursue at the doctorate level
Contact me to discuss about engagement opportunities, sub-contracting or if you feel I can contribute to your outcomes!

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