Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Camp Okutta: a shocking campaign

While taking a break from work and looking at some videos, I stumbled on a shocking viral campaign called "Camp Okutta: An adventure Camp for Kids". It's a summer camp like any other, except for a little detail.

We can't think of children being equipped with guns and throwing grenades without having a strange feeling in our spine. We get horrified at wars in distant countries like Darfur, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka and others where children are indoctrinated and enrolled to fight.

Again today, in Cleveland, another child took a gun and rampaged his high school. Canada also had its sad share of shootings. I'm taking two minutes to support people like Pierre-Hugues Boisvenu, father of Julie Boisvenu who was assassinated in 2002, and is fighting to get stricter laws, better control of firearms and support for the victims. I'm also thinking about General Romeo Dallaire, who lived the horror of Rwanda and share the stories of a genocide in the hope it will make a difference for peace.

There's no explanation for loosing a child because of firearms.