Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Tutoring for the UBC Award of Achievement in Web Analytics

Just got confirmation that I will be tutoring the course "Introduction to Web Analytics" from the acclaimed Award of Achievement in Web Analytics. This activity, complementary to my job of ebusiness architect and web analytics practitioner, is a great opportunity to share & learn.

Last May I had the chance to present the "Web Analytics for Site Optimization" workshop at eMetrics, a really condensed version of the course that was just a glimpse of the excellent curriculum put forth by the UBC. Tutoring will allow for a much deeper dive into web analytics.

The online model is especially well suited for professionals and a great way to increase one's value in the market. I'm sure my experience with Laval University's online eBusiness MBA has given me a solid ground about the e-learning advantages and challenges. I look forward to start the next session with a first group of about 20 students.

Since good news never comes alone, while browsing my ULaval emails I noticed I will be listed on the honor roll for a second year in a row for achieving higher grades in my ongoing eBusiness MBA (averaging over 88% after at least 50% of the program).