Friday, September 7, 2007

Market consolidation: Omniture + Offermatica

Omniture is certainly getting some higher ground in the web analytics sphere with the announcement of the acquisition of Offermatica.

With TouchClarity, Genesis, SearchCenter, Discover 2.1, enhancements to SiteCatalyst, Omniture is aggressively expanding. The challenge will be to continue to maintain and enhance flagship products while integrating all the recent acquisitions. But this is certainly a good move in a crowded market burgeoning with new innovations.

And between all those moves, this should be a signal to web analysts that their job will continue to expand to new horizons; this is great and exciting! Reporting wasn't enough, analysis is the value. Now, A/B and multivariate testing, SEO, PPC and emarketing campaign management, behavioral targeting, surveys and other types of analysis, without forgetting core system data integration are becoming even more important. To employers, it's also a trend to watch as web analysts demand increase and expertise remain scarce in the market.

Still a lot of exciting time ahead!