Monday, September 24, 2007

Instances of Referrers Report in Omniture

As a follow up to an inquiry on the Yahoo! Group about getting Visits by Referrers and an earlier post I did about Instances vs. Visits in Omniture, here's what you can do to get Visits by Referring Domain:
  1. Inference: Is the absolute number of Visits "that" important? Can you infer that the trend of Instances would be similar to the trend of Visits? In a quick test I did using Discover, I found the trends to be very similar but the scale was a couple of times bigger for Instances. In the end, your Top 5, or Top 10 (or the sites that brings 80% of your traffic) will remain the same regardless if you look at them by Instances or by Visits.
  2. Configuration change: Ask Omniture to do a configuration change for your account in order to track visits instead of instances. However, this might have some drawbacks in other reports as well. Here's why Omniture chose to show Instances instead of Visits: "First, multiple referrers can occur on a single visit. Second, potentially no referrers can occur on a single visit." (See KB #1046 and #711) (The second point is a bit weak in my point of view... if there is no referrer, there is no instance... same difference)
  3. Discover: As noted in a previous post about Discover, it goes way beyond what SiteCatalyst offer, and will allow you to get Visits by Referring Domain.