Friday, August 10, 2007

WASP 0.25 released

What is WASP?

WASP is the free Web Analytics Solution Profiler, a Firefox extension aimed at web analytics implementation specialists, web analysts and savvy web surfers who wants to understand how their behavior is being analyzed.

By automatically detecting the tags on a page and displaying detailed information about the data being sent, WASP can significantly ease the tagging process and increase the quality of a web analytics implementation.

Get more info

WASP now got a site of its own at where you can get more information and download the Firefox extension. And if you find this tool useful, make a donation!

What's new?

The most significant change is the number of web analytics solutions being detected: 45 of them! This version brings minor enhancements but the detection algorithm and the code were optimized. There's also a fix for that annoying problem when switching tabs or loading new pages. See the complete revision history and the FAQ. Here's the list of tools being handled by WASP v0.25:

Your feedback is important!

Like it? Or not? Would like to see a new feature? Found a bug? I'm building this tool out of my free time and my reward is your feedback!

Make a donationIf you are inclined to do so - or if you use WASP for professional purposes - a donation would be appreciated!