Tuesday, May 8, 2007

From the floor of eMetrics

What an amazing week!

In my 20 years of experience I've been to a lot of conferences, even early Internet World conferences when there was just a few hundred people, but never did I see such a truly open and sincere networking event. eMetrics is simply an amazing opportunity to learn and share about what is web analytics, how to get it right, and where it's heading.

The first time I met Jim Sterne was at Spring Internet World'96 where he was already pitching about marketing on the Web. I went to him and asked, with my very bad english, "how can I become a speaker and a consultant like you?". "Write a book!" he said.

Here I am, more than a decade later, blogging about web analytics and presenting a workshop on Website optimization in San Francisco. But it doesn't stop there, I also got to meet really intelligent and interesting people that I had only met in the virtual world. Who said blogging was only for the lonely associal freaks?

First, Kite flying with Joseph Carrabis and Jim Sterne was a genuinly fun and exciting experience, especially the part when cars and people were being chased down by the kite...

I also got to meet with he most brilliant minds in the field of web analytics. Robbin Steiff from LunaMetrics, June Li from ClickInsight, Craig Danuloff, Jim Novo, Aurélie and René from OX2, Ian Thomas from Microsoft, Jeremiah, Clint Ivy, Ian Houston, and many others, as well as practitionners from all around the world. I still have to chat with Avinash (I still want my autographed Google business card!), and Bryan Eisenberg.

In the coming days I will post about my best "take home" elements of the conference.