Thursday, May 17, 2007

Code of ethics

I was reading René Deschamps excellent post about OX2 code of ethics and I thought I should state my own position toward the Web Analytics community, my blog and my employer.

The Web Analytics community

My involvement in the Web Analytics Association and various committees, as an organizer of the local Web Analytics Wednesdays and a speaker, and my relation with several practitioners, vendors, consultants and fellow bloggers. I will respect...
  1. Vendors: not do product demos or provide product information to competitors;
  2. Clients: any information about someone's actual or intentional use of a solution will be solemnly respected;
  3. Practitioners: empower the users with their actual solution without influencing them to change unless it’s in their best interest.
  4. Consultants: try not to interfere between a vendor-consultant-practitioner relationship. If it happens, the practitioner's best interest will always be favored.


I'm borrowing from O'Reilly's proposed code of conduct:
  1. Take responsibility for my own words and for the comments I allow on my blog.
  2. Won't say anything online that I wouldn't say in person.
  3. In case of conflict, I will connect privately before I respond publicly.
  4. Will filter comments that are against my personal values, but will gladly accept constructive comments.
  5. Will post constructive comments to other's blogs.
  6. Will link & reference others contributions in my posts.

My employer

As a web analytics practitioner and a Senior eBusiness Architect at Desjardins General Insurance Group, I will abide the following code of ethics, as described in the Desjardins Group Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct:
  • I will disclose all the details of the situation to my immediate superior if I think a conflict of interest might occur.
  • I will never accept or solicit gifts, tokens of appreciation or benefits, financial
    or otherwise, for myself, an associate or a third party, if accepting such gratuities impairs my objectivity or my judgment in the performance of my duties.
  • Will not engage into any contract without abiding by the prescriptive conditions of my employer.
  • Will not perform an activity or hold a position or a job with a competitor if doing so places me in a position that may prejudice the interests of my employer.
  • Will ensure that the activities I perform outside the scope of my job do not prejudice the interests, image or reputation of my employer.
  • When expressing opinions, I will not give the impression that I'm expressing the official position of my employer unless I receive prior authorization to do so.
  • Will never disclose confidential information or use confidential information for my own benefit.

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