Sunday, March 4, 2007

What's keeping me busy?

If you have noticed a slowdown in my blog posts, it's not that I'm not interested in web analytics anymore, to the contrary!

eMetrics is coming up!

I will be presenting the workshop on web analytics for site optimization. Working on the 3 hour session is a daunting task in itself. There are so many things I would like to talk about! Check out eMetrics in San-Francisco, and if you are from Quebec and plan on going, let me know if you go.

Web Analytics Wednesday still going on!

The next WaW is scheduled for March 14th, in Montreal. I have to confirm the place, send the invites, and see if anyone is interested to present something. If you plan to attend, have suggestions for a good and quiet restaurant, or would like to present, send me a note.

Web Analytics an hour a day

I won't repeat what fellow bloggers have said about Avinash's upcoming book (here, here and here). Just get it!


I'm putting the development of WASP on hold for the obvious reasons above.

Higher education

My MBA is still going on, although I've been neglecting it a bit. I will have lots of catch up to do next week!

...and the job!

As a senior web architect at Desjardins General Insurance, I'm working on a full redesign of our site (full as in "new objectives, new technology, new design, new content). This includes the deployment of MS Office Sharepoint Server 2007 and related technologies. So this is what keeps me busy at work, it's a really cool project.