Thursday, February 22, 2007

Warning: Hot Jobs in Web Analytics

If anyone still had doubt about the job market for web analytics... Linda Burtch, from Smith Hanley LLC, reveals some interesting details about the web analytics job market. Here are some characteristics, with some of my own opinions:
  • Hot skill set: analytical, web saavy, marketing, IT
  • Fast moving: dozens of positions available, many for renowned companies, with several job offers at once closing in about a month!
  • Relocation challenges: the Internet is worldwide, so is this job market, relocation is often a challenge (compensations, insecurity).
  • Bonus! getting a sign-in bonus is getting more frequent.
  • Cross-industry (horizontal skills): web analytics is universal, regardless of the actual field of expertise of the employer. Of course, knowing what it's all about helps, but changing industry type is frequent.
  • Compensations: from entry at $50,000 up to director/vp over $125,000. The most frequently sought positions, such as senior analyst, range from $60k to $85k.
Now, how is it in Canada? I don't know about my colleagues, either practitioners or consultants, but I think the trend is very similar here, in Canada. However, the overall "scale" of the job market is lower, so it will be relatively rare to see directors or VP's dedicated to web analytics. However, the lower end of the scale, entry-level masters (2-3 years experience) and senior analysts are most sought after. The salary range looks similar... although being in Canadian Dollars (say a senior analyst is paid 75$k in the US, the salary will be 75k$CAD...)

Over the past few weeks I've been receiving emails from people seeking consultants or employees to fill web analytics positions, but I guess it's the same here as anywhere: it's hard to find experienced analysts! If you are in Canada and involved in web analytics, I would appreciate your input about the job market.

If your looking for a job in this field, check out the Web Analytics Association job board, or the job postings of the Association of Internet Marketing.