Monday, February 12, 2007

Do we all have to do it on our own?

I don't want to spoil the party and I know everyone is entitled to his/her way of seeing the world... but as a group, wouldn't it be a better idea to consolidate around the Web Analytics Association?

I read a post on the Yahoo! Web Analytics discussion group regarding WebAnalyics360. I don't know who is behind (I'm voluntarily not linking their site, as I don't even want to divert any traffic to this site...) and since when it has been published, but there is obviously some room for improvement:
  • no contact info other than an email...
  • no specified goal other than numerous Google Ads
  • very limited blog list (I might be biased as I've been maintaining and screening a list for a couple of months - over 50 qualified blogs)
  • the events section lacks... some events visibility...
  • vendors... is too narrow, just my Web Analytics Solution Profiler page lists many more solutions (which, btw, also includes some ad networks and affiliate networks)
  • some books... some jobs...
It would be glad to hand out my blog list, the Web Analytics Google CoOp Search with over 150 sources I've been building, as well as a more complete list of WA solutions to the WAA and see them being augmented and contributed by the community. I would volunteer to maintain these community resources, with the help of fellow WAA members.
What do you think?

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