Tuesday, January 2, 2007

My year end review

As the tradition goes, it's now time to post about the past year events.

Web Analytics blogosphere

  • I've been blogging since 2002, but it's only in 2006 that I really took time to build up my presence in the blogosphere, blogging mostly about Web Analytics. I only got my Google Analytics account July, but we can easily see two things:
    1. Overall traffic is on a growing trend
    2. The huge spike is the Digg effect on my post entitled "Google growing larger than Microsoft"
  • The other topics that raised interest is WASP, the Web Analytics Solution Profiler, a Firefox extension aimed at web analytics implementation specialists, web analysts and savvy web surfers who wants to understand how their behavior is being analyzed.
  • I also took time to get involved in the Web Analytics community:
    • I organized 3 Web Analytics Wednesdays to foster interests in the local web analytics community, more to come in 2007 in Montréal and Québec city!
    • The Google Co-Op specialized search encompass over 100 specialized sources: blogs, solutions, references
    • I aggregated over 45 blog feeds for easier tracking of the Web Analytics blogosphere
  • I also got involved in the Web 2.0 measurement group, and some of the Web Analytics committees, as well as Forrester's Web Analytics Peer Research Panel, but my attention span is getting more limited and I don't spend as much time as I would like.

Personal views on 2006

What to look for in 2007

  • WASP will definitely by my main point of interest
  • I also want to continue to post about Web Analytics in general, including the translation and revamp of two papers I wrote in the course of my MBA