Friday, January 19, 2007

January's Montreal WaW

This week was our 4th WaW, 3rd one in Montreal. About a dozen people gathered at Baton Rouge to eat a rack of excellent BBQ ribs, drink a few beers at talk about web analytics. The place was a bit noisy, but this wasn't enough to stop us from talking about our various experiences, some tips and the importance of web analytics in Web (re-) design, continuous improvement, and as a demonstration of Web ROI.

Being informal as its advantages, which allowed us to digress about intranets and picture management solutions. But I take good note of having a minimal agenda, thanks Benoit! :)

We will reach to the Association de Marketing de Montreal (AMM), the Federation d'Informatique du Quebec (FiQ), as well as the Association of Internet Marketing & Sales and the Web Analytics Association to set up a thematic event about web analytics. However, I will have to see how much effort I can dedicate to the organization of this event.

As always, your suggestions, critics and comments are welcome and I look forward to the next WaW. In February it will take place in Quebec city, so spread the word, let your colleagues know about WaW!