Friday, November 10, 2006

New discussion group: Web Metrics Quebec

Following the latest Web Analytics Wednesday, we decided to create a discussion group dedicated to Web Analytics in our local market. There are a couple of reasons to do so:
  • The Quebec/Canadian market are very different in terms of business size
  • The Canadian laws related to privacy are slightly different than those in the US and other countries
  • There are some cultural differences, notably language in Quebec (french)
  • A local discussion group will foster exchanges between practitioners, consultants and providers
So if you want to better understand your web site visitors and answer their needs based on actionable data, this group is for you!

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Web Metrics Quebec
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Although the discussions are likely to address local concerns and often be in french, everyone is welcome to participate.

P.S. You might be tempted to ask "Why is this group named Web Metrics Quebec rather than Web Analytics Quebec?". Simply because Google, in his great wisdom, made sure we couldn't insert bad words in our Google Group name, such as the first four letters of the word "analytics"!