Sunday, November 26, 2006

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Welcome ""

I decided to switch from Blogger's free hosting at to my own domain at A few years ago I owned but didn't renew it... this was a mistake since getting it back now would be much more difficult.

Once again, the excellent blogging tips on Avinash Kaushik web site was an inspiration. I've been generally satisfied with Blogger since I started blogging in the autumn of 2002. The new Blogger version also looks very promising and while changing my configurations, I decided to switch to it immediately. In the meantime, will simply redirect to, hopefully Blogger will release its new software version soon!

What's in a name?

The word immeria refers to the notion of immersion or flow: an experience that is at once demanding and rewarding. (Flow: The psychology of optimal experience). It is also inspired by the german word "immer", which mean "always", "forever". Combined together, this would mean being "constantly immersed in a rewarding experience", in this case, web analytics, which is the main subject of this blog and a key element in understanding the user experience on the web.

Ongoing projects

Being able to administer my own domain is also important for my ongoing and upcoming activities:

  • I'm still pursuing my eBusiness MBA (in French) and was recently honored for achieving superior grades. I'm using my own hosting to provide Wiki and other group collaboration features to the remote team's I'm working with. For example, I worked with 5 other persons from around the world on a semester project. Although we never actually met face to face, we used Skype, MediaWiki and activeCollab and were able to achieve outstanding results.
  • My involvement in the Web Analytics community can also benefit from the control of my own domain. Features such as the Web Analytics Google Co-Op Search, Google Calendar, Web Metric Quebec, Web Analytics Conversations, and such will be revamped to take advantage of
  • WASP, the Web Analytics Solution Profiler, is getting closer to a first public beta and some features will be relayed trough

If you notice some problems with the site, let me know, and stay tuned for the upcoming design refresh, new features, and new posts!