Thursday, October 12, 2006

WaW Montreal: 225% increase!

Yesterday's WaW in Montreal was a success!

Attendance increased 225% from last month (from 4 to 9) with a decent
attendance conversion rate of 65% (9 out of 14). In terms of "sales",
we should expect two "converts" who are not already part of the WAA. (working with small numbers, it's easy to show impressive growth! that's why context is always so important!)

Attendees were from various horizons:
as well as users of WA from:
Topics discussed went from pure web analytics geek talks up to
performance analytics, usability, jobs and even departed at some point
to include quality of life in Montreal and the town's reputation to
have some of the best looking womens in the world.

To quote my friend Jacques Warren: "intelligent people, intelligent
conversations, no pitch, for once..."

We already look forward for the next get together! Some action items
for next month's:
  • reach out to more people
  • create a LinkedIn group for WA practionners in Quebec
  • publish a list of solution/service offering in our market
And who knows... maybe we could eventually host an E-Metrics summit in
the beautiful town of Montreal?!