Friday, October 20, 2006

Upcoming webinar on analytics by Prof. Davenport

The Attention EconomyI just got an email from Aquent on behalf of the American Marketing Association inviting me to register for an upcoming webinar talking about analytics. This webinar will be presented by Prof. Thomas Davenport, a renowned authority in the field and author of one of my favorite books: The Attention Economy.

Prof. Davenport wrote a paper entitled "Competing on analytics" and will soon publish a book on the same topic.

Here's the excerpt from the mail invitation:


  • Aquent and the American Marketing Association present a free webinar with analytics expert, Professor Tom Davenport: Competing on Analytics: Move Faster, Accomplish More, and Avoid Mistakes by Learning From The Best
  • Davenport, an international authority on business and marketing analytics, is the author of "Competing on Analytics", a critically-acclaimed Harvard Business Review article. While researching the article and a soon-to-be-published book of the same name, Davenport profiled over 25 early adopter organizations that now successfully compete on the basis of their analytic prowess. Beyond the broad strategies used by pioneers like Capital One, Procter & Gamble, Amazon, and the New England Patriots, he detailed the often painful tactical mistakes and missteps made along the way by these analytic leaders. In this webinar, Davenport will discuss what data-driven marketing is (and isn't), the broad strategies and specific tactics these early adopters believe were essential to their success (and what they'd do differently next time), and how marketers can be professionally successful in these tumultuous times. The webinar will be of interest to all business-to-consumer and business-to-business marketers, especially those challenged with making analytics work on a practical basis within their organizations.


  • October 31, 2006 @ 1:00 pm EST (45 minute presentation and 15 minute Q&A)


Professor Tom Davenport of Boston's Babson College
  • Author of critically-acclaimed Harvard Business Review article "Competing on Analytics" (being released as a book in Spring 2007)
  • International authority on analytics as a business and marketing strategy
  • Prominent consultant, speaker, and pundit

What participants will learn:

  • What data-driven marketing is (and isn't)
  • How marketing visionaries like Capital One, P&G, Amazon, and the New England Patriots are using analytics for competitive advantage
  • What specific tactics these early adopters believe are essential to their success (and what they'd do differently next time)
  • How you can personally succeed as a marketer during these tumultuous times

Who should attend:

  • Business-to-business and business-to-consumer marketers at all levels, up to and including CMO's, Vice Presidents of Marketing
  • Information technology professionals, particularly those in fields involving collaboration with marketing colleagues

How to register: