Wednesday, September 20, 2006

WebAnalyticsQuébec LinkedIn Group Logo

I have requested the creation of a LinkedIn group for easier profesional networking among Web Analytics professionals in Québec.

One of the requirement is to provide a logo for our group and I was wondering what would be cool enough, and significant at the same time. Then I tought of the Web 2.0 Logo Creator by Alex P, which is realy intended as a parody of all the Web 2.0 company names and logos coming out everyday. Then, why not add some colors, which needed obviously to be in the same "Web 2.0'ish" trend: "Web 2.0 Colour Palette".

Finally, I played with different ideas, which should be obvious enough and offer a bit of cool Web 2.0 style:
    Generated Image
    Generated Image
    Generated Image
The red comes from the WebAnalyticsAssociation logo while the blue is borrowed from the Québec government web site, which is the "official color" of Québec.

Of course, if we decide to use such a logo, the "Beta" note will be removed! :)

Your logo sugestions are welcome!


I have found two other services to generate cool logos!
  • offers advanced editing and easy logo design. Check the logo I have created in a few minutes:
  • is simpler, but the Pixel Badge style is cool: