Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Link Overlays/Form Abandonment and CSS2

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I’ve noticed that using CSS2 stylesheets for easier web page design and cleaner HTML rendering results in broken Link Overlay and Form Abandonment. This is an issue with at least HBX and SiteCatalyst but I suspect its probably the same with other analytic solutions. The page itself shows up correctly, but the overlay is usually shown off-sync to the far right or bottom of the page. I’ve worked with Omniture, HBX, Coremetrics and GA but so far, only a handfull of the site we designed are using CSS2 for positionning so we only recently noticed this problem.

Anyone else experienced this and found an easy solution? I guess analytics vendors will have to find a way to show overlays in their correct locations by looking at the rendered position of the link, not simply it’s position according to HTML.

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Omniture SiteCatalyst Link Overlay and CSS2 problem

WebSideStory HBX AMS Link Overlay and CSS2 problem