Thursday, June 23, 2005

Blogspot hack: publish to MSN Spaces

My main blog is located at Blogspot (which I like more than MSN Spaces). However, MSN Messenger will let my contacts know whenever I publish something to MSN Spaces, which is very useful.

So! I said. Why not find a way to continue using Blogspot and use the MSN Spaces feature! I turned out to be easy. Here's a summary:
  • In MSN Spaces settings, under the E-Mail Publishing tab, turn on e-mail publishing using the address you specified in your Blogspot profile. Selet "Publish entries immediately". You might want to disable comments and trackback under the MSN Spaces Blog Settings tab to avoid having people link or comment on MSN Spaces instead of Blogspot.
  • In Blogspot settings, under the Email tab, set the BlogSend Address to the address specified by MSN Spaces 5th step (Update your address book).

Anytime you publish something on Blogspot, it will automatically show on MSN Spaces, and let your MSN Messenger contacts know about it!

P.S. I will look for a way to simply tell MSN Spaces about the update (without posting the whole message) in order to bring people directly to Blogspot.