Friday, October 3, 2008

If everyone is looking down, are you looking up?

Several months ago I participated to an electronic book entitled "Winners and Losers in a Trouble Economy". If you haven't read it yet, maybe now is a good time!

2009 Annual Online Customer Engagement Survey

cScape is actually conducting their "2009 Annual Online Customer Engagement Survey", please take a few minutes to fill it out.

The questionnaire takes five minutes to complete and including questions on:

  • Customer engagement strategy

  • Tactics and initiatives

  • Customer engagement and the economic climate

In return for your efforts, cSape will publish the in-depth report on the E-consultancy website in November.

Tough Times Call for Tough Measures

Speaking of surveys and troubled economy, Web Analytics Association Chairman and eMetrics grand master, Jim Sterne himself, wants to know about the impact of the economic situation on your marketing dollars (or lack, thereof...).

Take the survey now!