Friday, August 22, 2008

WASP love!

As WASP is grabbing some attention in the market, people are mentioning it more and more on their blogs. Here are some of them:
"WASP is a plugin created by my good friend Stéphane, he lives in Canada and its a great tool. It just detects all the javascript tags. So if you go to my blog you'll see I'm using 9 tools, just because I can!" (laughs!)
"Stephane Hamel has created a wonderful plug-in for just this purpose and it’s well worth the download!"
"Very useful, as no tracking code usually means no data collected!"
"In terms of Web analytics, being good at your job should at least include knowledge of the following".
"One great plug in that everyone interested in web analytics should be using"
There are also mentions worldwide!
Since WASP is vendor agnostic, they are also starting to mention it in their own literature and online. I also heard rumors that trainers, support teams and implementation specialists are using WASP and mentioning it.