Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Celebrating and life in general

Today, June 4th, 2008

I've been working for 21 years, actively involved in the Internet and Web development for 15 years. Been blogging for over 5 years and posted over 300 messages.

I found this morning that I now have over 500 subscribers to this blog, plus close to a hundred to the web analytics conversations. Although my roots in analytics might date back to the days when I was an Oracle database administrator, or when I was looking at CERN HTTP logs, the graph below clearly show when I started to blog more seriously about web analytics.


  • December 2007: Officially became web analytics freelance and entrepreneur while pursuing an eBusiness MBA. Of course there are some constraints, some hard work and some stress, but I've been enjoying the past 6 months like a child in a toy store.
  • October 2002: First blog post, in French, where I welcome hypothetical readers and explain what is a "blog".
  • October 1994: After explaining why it was so important to have a web presence and literally building the first site over nights and week ends, Softimage, then a subsidiary of Microsoft, launched a first website (this version comes from a snapshot in 1997, when I was part of a team dedicated to the web).
  • August 1994: First proof of a website I built for an R&D project at Hydro-Quebec
  • June 1993: My first archeological presence on the net (a bit scary to still find it!). A message about system administration on SunOS machines.
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