Monday, March 3, 2008

On my way to the Summit...

The title can take several significations.

Omniture Summit

The most obvious one is my trip to Salt Lake City to attend the Omniture Summit. I will be reporting about the event until Friday. First thing: not obvious to go from Quebec city to Salt Lake City... 3 flights with hour long connections: total time, door to door was 13 hours. I knew it would be long, so I came in early to be in shape for Tuesday's opening reception at 7:00pm. Spare time? Not really, I will catch up on client work!

Skiing at Snowbird

The other summit takes the form of a 3,000' ski hill; base elevation: 7,000', top: 11,000', on average, 500 inches of snow! My first time on such a huge mountain. On my way in I had a good chat with people who also skied on the East cost. Quite a difference from our dammed icy slopes... I can expect powder up the belt! I'm going there on Friday, I'll take it easy...

A personal high

The last way I can think of a "summit" is how I feel about what I've been doing since the past few months. I wanted to enjoy the "freedom" of being freelance, I wanted to push the envelope of what I can do, I wanted to learn more & share even more. I have not attained the summit, but I feel I'm actually living trough what is a big personal objective.