Tuesday, March 25, 2008

eMetrics Toronto is next week!

Just got the latest Sterne Measure in my mailbox. Couldn't say it better, so I thought I would pass this along. And since I will be presenting on Wednesday PM, I want you to be there!

You have just a few more days to register!

Recognizing cultural behaviour

Moderator: Alex Langshur, President and Co-founder, Public Insite
Joseph Carrabis, NextStage Evolution
Stephane Hamel, Immeria.net
Simon Rivard, Canoe.ca

People from different cultures use websites in different ways. Analysis of web data requires sensitivity to these cultural differences. Mouse movements, navigation habits, and language nuances require "localization" rather than mere translation. Learn how cultural segmentation will yield better results and an improved customer experience.

Highlights of the conference

Lots of Canadian Presenters
Lots of industry experts from all over
WAA Base Camp Training on Monday the 31st
WAA - IAB - GTA Panel on all those numbers
Networking like you've never seen
Keynotes from eBay & Microsoft & some guy named Sterne
Web marketing measurement tools to inspect
Multiple breakout tracks:
Marketing Optimization Management
Website Optimization
Optimizing Content-Rich and Mission Driven Websites
Campaign Optimization
Advanced workshop on predictive analytics
Advanced workshop on sizing up a site visitor in 10 seconds
More networking (learning from your peers rocks)
A focus on your desired outcomes for this Summit