Tuesday, February 5, 2008

eMetrics breakfast: prologue

This weekend I moved some furniture and hurt my back. I even had to cancel a round trip to Toronto today. Standing up is ok, being seated is fine, it's the long way between those two position that makes me feel like I'm 100 years old...

Nevertheless, I drove 4 hours in "yet another snow storm" from Quebec city to Montreal, what usually takes between two and half and three hours. I wouldn't have missed the wonderful dinner at Cafe Melies with Jim Sterne, Mitch Joel, Andrea Hadley and Jeff Conatser. Tomorrow morning is our eMetrics Breakfast in Montreal where we're expecting to have a turnout of about 60 people.

As you can imagine, the discussion turned around marketing, analytics and social media pretty much all the time. Joel did a wonderful interview of Jim, look for the podcast on Six Pixels of Separation (not available yet, I will post the link when it's available).

I felt like the newbie avidly listening to the conversation about the art of speaking; both Jim & Joel are amazing speakers!

Stay posted, I will put up a summary of tomorrow's presentations. I will also post my presentation and comment it for those who miss it.