Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Web Analytics Get Together, October 17th, Montreal

This month Web Analytics Get Together is sponsored by Omniture. Thanks guys!

What is it?

A monthly meeting of the local Web Analytics community. A gathering of practitioners in the field of web analytics or related interests (strategy, website optimization, SEO, design, or the Internet in general).

Event details

Last month we gathered about 20 people, this month we aim for more!

  • Come for a drink offered by the Omniture folks!
  • Hear Matt Kohl, Omniture's Manager of Customer Support talk about what can be done to improve user adoption and successful use of a web analytics solution.
  • Of course, we will also share our latest news about web analytics in Québec
  • ... and if you like, stay for supper and eat some ribs!

Bâton Rouge

180 Ste-Catherin West (Complexe Desjardins)
Montréal, QC H5B 1B5

RSVP: simply send me an email, leave a comment below.


If you would like to sponsor this event, present a product or a service, pay for the first round, or simply present something on the subject of web analytics, please contact me. The only restriction, to stay in the true spirit of WaW, is that your presentation be educative or otherwise help people grow in their web analytics practice, not simply to promote your product or service.