Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Web Analytics Get Together is THIS Wednesday!

This is going to be exciting!

Don't forget our Web Analytics Get Together in Montreal. Check out the location and agenda.

Here's five reasons why it's gon'a be fun!
  1. This will be the largest ever gathering of web analytics people in Quebec: so far, over 40 confirmations! Yes, that's right, over 40! I heard through the branches that our neighbours from Toronto and New-York are getting jealous! :)
  2. eMetrics is going on and there's a hell of a lot of positive waves coming from D.C.: the strongest ones being a new version of Google Analytics, and Microsoft Gatineau sneaking it's nose out the door.
  3. Plus eMetrics Canada's Marketing Optimization Summit coming this spring in Toronto. As a member of the advisory board of this event, I'm looking for your input! Will you be there? What are your expectations? Want to be a sponsor? Or be a speaker? Come see me!
  4. Omniture is very present on the Montreal/Quebec market, come talk to Matt Kohl, manager of Omniture Support and hear what can be done to improve user adoption and successful use of a web analytics solution.
  5. Hmmm... Bâton Rouge ribs!

And the best reason of all: it's a local event for all of us! As my friend Jacques Warren once said "intelligent people, intelligent conversations, no sales pitch".