Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Study results: 3 key skills of web analysts

I'm really proud to announce the publication of "3 key skills of web analysts" on iMediaConnection.
The role of web analyst is critical to a successful internet presence and maybe even the success of entire organizations.
This article provides the results of my study of web analysts and answers two primary objectives:
  1. Quantify how web analysts spend their time on various tasks, and more importantly, what type of cognitive process they engage in while doing those activities.
  2. Help web analysts understand their own job characteristics and explain it to their managers and fellow workers
Conducting such a study was an interesting endeavor and a very good learning experience! Thanks to Avinash for sparkling the idea with his post about "How should web analysts spend their day". I also got great support from John Beck, co-author of "The Attention Economy" and visionary at The Attention Co. Thanks to Jim Sterne, Avinash Kaushik, Jacques Warren, Anil Batra and my boss Bernard Cinq-Mars who reviewed and commented an early draft of the article. I specially want to acknowledge the great help I got from my friend Joseph Carrabis, who coached me into writing this article and offered his great wisdom to help me out. And lastly, Brad Berens, editor in chief of iMediaConnection, who's giving me the chance to reach beyond my little blog!

Of course, a special thanks goes to the web analysts who spared a little bit of their attention and took the time to fill out the survey. I look forward to comments, suggestions and even critics!

Stay tuned! In the coming days I will publish additional details about various aspects of the study.