Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Web Analytics Report by CMS Watch

A few months ago, I got an email from Phil Kemelor asking if I could take some time to answer a few questions. The result came out yesterday and I got my copy of the new CMS Watch Web Analytics Report. Nearly 300 pages that will guide you trough:
  1. The basics: what is web analytics?
  2. Sell it to your boss: business case for web analytics
  3. What to look for: Web analytics technology and features
  4. Purchasing and implementation
  5. Vendors: An in-depth review of the web analytics marketplace covering 17 solutions conveniently organized as SaaS, hoster or open-source and categorized based on the requirements, the website orientation, and internal resource profile.
Even if you are not planning on acquiring a new web analytics solution, the first five parts of the report are really worth a read. So far I just breezed trough it but I can already spot some chapters that I will point to my boss and colleagues.