Thursday, May 17, 2007

Montreal Omniture Cafe - Wrap up

The first ever Omniture Café in Canada happened yesterday evening in Montréal. Speaking in terms of KPI, the ratio of registration to attendance was about 90%, with nearly 50 participants from current and potential customers. We were greeted with cocktails and drinks while we networked with fellow Omniture users. Then Marianne Llewellyn, principal for Omniture Client Services presented their service offering.

I had the pleasure to present a real case study about our experience with Omniture. Here’s the key takeaways from my presentation:

Our multi-disciplinary team is composed of key players from:
  • Marketing Research: core business knowledge & statistics, analytics,
  • eBusiness: interactive strategy,
  • Architecture: link between business & IT and
  • Web Development team.
On the 5 level maturity model proposed by Gartner (Bill Gasmann, "Web Analytics Expectations and Best Practices"), we identified where we stand: most of Level 1 & 2 and some elements of the other levels.
  1. Web Metrics
  2. Behavior Optimization
  3. E-Marketing
  4. CRM
  5. Corporate Performance Management
Our objectives, challenges, lessons learned and good shots were presented. On the positive side, the organization is quite mature in terms of processes, has high management support, and is able to allocate the right level of resources. Some of the risks are related to the temptation of giving away too much info without perfectly owning the data and its meaning, we need to make sure we grow from reporting to analysis and that we bring the analytical culture to all stakeholders.

The last point, reinforced by Omniture’s Scott Wells and David Mackay, was about the importance of establishing a strong user network. I also invited all attendees to have a look at the Web Analytics Association and the UBC courses, as well as get on my invitee list for upcoming Web Analytics Wednesdays in Montreal and Quebec city.

Some of the comments I’ve got were “I can relate to what you were saying”, “I didn’t know there was so many users in Montreal”, and “I look forward to get in touch with other users”. I guess I can conclude the event was a success!